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Turn The Mirror Around

Updated: Apr 8

Tuesday 4th April 2023

All my life I have been a philanthropist of love. Giving, giving, giving, it all away.

An innate feeling that the material is just that, material. Fleeting, changeable.

That time is eternal, our bodies are not.

Love, I believed was all there was, and all that mattered.

I was blind, ironically, as one does not need eyes to see.

I had damned the sacred river.

Now, with renewed awareness I realise I was looking for love.

That I did not feel it inside myself.

When I did, I filled others cups,

taking only drops for myself.

Its the lesson of my life, this time, to become aware. It's your lesson too!

Every real connection embodied is shared,

In a vain attempt to gain love from the mirror of the world.

This world, right now is trapped.

Stuck in the quagmire of the un nurtured feedback loop of trauma.

These words so easy to write but so hard to know, to really know!

Take time to really know yourself.

Shut your eyes.

Give love to yourself.

Howl, cry, beat your breast.

Don't look out for love, look in.

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