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So Lets Start Anew.

I have been meaning to return to my website for some time. When I was younger we didn't have websites at all. No social media, none of this extra life to manage (or mis-manage in my own wobbly wibbly ADHD way). Did I do a years worth of poetry? If you was to come to my site and expect to see about my hooping skills or my recent craft creations you would not find them up to date! I am so good at making/creating physical content and up to this point in my life, quite appalling at selling or loving myself enough to sell them at the items worth. I have always been a giver, perhaps an over-giver as befitting of my kind of trauma.

So it makes me wonder if having a website is worth it?

After some deliberation I have decided to try and make this happen. Focus more of the digital life here. Share more of my photos and share more of my own life as I evolve. Share a deeper side of who I am and the things I find helpful in navigating with my ADHD. After all when I am gone and my body is dust this is a major resource for meeting me and the lessons I have to share with anyone who can benefit from my experience by proxy.

I don't want to push my experience on others as I know full well that experience is the key to living. Human kind cannot do it any other way at this point in space and time.

So perhaps you may find new content slowly and steadily filling this space. Me exploring a side of my self that is new. A brave new Sharna trying to fulfil her higher potential.

So much has happened since I was last here I n 2023. I have finished my breath course. I made loads of crochet items. I plunged everyday in November 2023 into a cold plunge for Charity. I barely hula hoop. I plan to hoop more, teach 20 min breath classes for free on zoom (a slow move in the right direction. Should I run a craft pop in, craft exchange at Harmony?

You can come an meet me here in May For tickets:

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