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Getting an Adult Diagnosis

In 2017, I was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD.  I had always felt that I was different and an outsider, that my family misunderstood me. I was always missing deadlines, forgetting important things and having dreadful meltdowns despite being a fully grown adult.  My self esteem was very low even though I had developed many great coping strategies. Like many people with ADHD I am definitely on the autistic spectrum as well.

My diagnosis has been one of the most empowering and life transforming things to happen to me. I have chosen a proactive journey with this potential 'Label". I really subscribe to the school of thought taught by Gabor Mate...please find him on youtube if you don't know about him yet. I continue to thrive and grow using Neuroplasticity to rewire the trauma of my early years. I have much to share. 

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