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Things I have left behind.

Updated: May 25, 2023

Thursday 11th May 2023

I would like to have left my doubt and fear behind.

Locked in the trunk of an old shack,

In the jungle,

Under canopy of trees.

Miles from any chance of discovery .

Alas, those troublesome beasts,

They sneaked alongside me in my travels through this epic ride,

hiding in my purse and hand bag.

Like my bank card and passport

I need then to enter into new territoriesit seems.

The things I have left behind are victorious wins none the less.

My childhood need for love and reward,

The needy sad child, shining brightly,

A polished veneer

to hide the dull ache.

I may have left befind the version who wants to please,

angry and distressed when

the giving is not returned.

That's OK,

I have less baggage to hall about.

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