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The Player

6th March

Am I a character playing a role in a vast complicated game?

"If you believe that", the materialist would say that "then you are Insane!".

If consciousness is fundamental and all is mind,

There is a jumble in this knotted ball of mind, to unwind.

It is far too complicated to unravel in haste,

the discussion for many leaves a bad taste.

In meditation, there is no hesitation that the vibration of salvation,

a purgation, stops the mental salivation , is a sweet cessation.

A voice talks, loud and clear,

Its gentle and friendly and full of cheer.

"Dearest" its always says "Do not Fear!"

My internal voices are often the echoes of past hurt and pain,

This collective of voices lacks any strain.

It is my voice and others, all the daughters, sisters and mothers,

It is all the sons and fathers and brothers.

It is entity that knows the absolute entirity of all,

A space beyond comprension, the other side of a vast wormhole.

Consciousness playing another role,

learning to live and thrive as another soul.

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