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Swallow, Swift, Swallow Tennis.

2nd March 2023

How middle aged and very middled class you have become when in the shade of trees, at a National Trust venue, you have a play a verbal game of swallow, Housemartin, Swift, Swallow tennis!

"It looks like a Swallow to me, its the right size!"

"Its a house Martin, living in the eaves?"

"Perhaps it is a Swallow?"

"Maybe its a Swift!" "Yes possibly it is a swift?"

"No it is a Swallow, look at its tail!"

"Its too small to be a Swallow, it must be a Swift?"

"It moves like a Swallow, I think I am right!"

What did we do before Google, did we start a drama to last the length of the walk.?

Each insisting they were correct. Walking in grumpy silence, each mulling it over.

So often I am repeating the same thing. Never fully believing I could be correct.

Then even changing sides in this polite discussion.

Another lesson in trusting oneself.

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