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Perfect day

9th July 2023

When the alarm went off

I jumped out of bed.

Phils never seen me move so fast.

Excited was not enough of a word

To describe the joy I felt.

This is the start to a new way for us

Of being together in the world.

On the road early

No rush hour traffic

Arriving at Stourhead as it opened its doors.

The sun came out as we ambled in the nature.

Delightful British design natural landscaping

At its very best.

We ate a fancy lunch under a fancy canopy.

Back in the car and the heavens opened.

We chuckled at our luck.

Next leg of the journey we sailed

Like a sail boat in perfect wind.

Cream tea at Lanhydrock, too early to check in.

Then arrival at the fancy tent,

Unpacking chuckling at the magic,

Magic of our own making.

A investigation of our surroundings

Provided a walk in the fir woods,

An eco environment of lush and verdant life.

Back then to the camp for food baked above the fire.

The skies clearing, the sun poking its face out of the clouds.

Then bed. A delightful supportive space.

The end to a perfect day.


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