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His Eyes Twinkle

Updated: Mar 27

Sunday 26th March

"I am Ambilivent about Death"

He said, his eyes twinkling

In the way that only he can.

Serious, Sardonic and Certain.

The man is so naturally zen,

Its truly and spectacularly unbelievable.

All the things that make other people rise, These things fly over his head

Like the movement in a movie of a magnificent and marvellous murmuration.

His feet are firmly on the ground,

His life's journey a rich ferment of now.

An eternal energy so earthy.

The link to the network strong and never waivers or wobbles.

He pulls me down when I am drifting

Like a wayward balloon in the air.

Let's me fly untethered.

When the windows of opportunity open.

I am so privileged to know his arms around me.

To share a life and children.

I am lucky to be loved by such a soul as he.

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