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Glamping Camping

12th July2023

Never spent a night in a luxury tent before.

We had always made our own camp.

Lugging all the detritus required for nights under the stars.

In advance I planned to sexually attack my man.

I had a plan. It was to be a slow deliberate seduction.

After eating delicious food cooked on from the log fuelled fire.

Salmon slowly cooked with the taste of smoke.

I drank local cider, sweet and bubbly.

Had the most outrageously delightful hot power shower.

My mistake was to lay down on the bed.

The bed was like a slice of heaven,

It was as if loads of little fingers were lifting me,

Supporting me, firmly nurturing my body and soul.

Alas, no seduction from me took place.

I was seduced by the bed, in the glamping camping tent.

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