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For a new story!

Updated: Mar 14

Saturday 10th March 2023

There is way too much sadness in the stories,

That we hungrily consume daily.

We are starved for that illusory satisfactory ending.

Of kinship, bonds and love, craving connection.

Devouring the 'for profit tales'.

We demand they are beamed into our minds.

Captivated by the endless cycles of the heroes journey,

Falling down to get back up again.

Controlled by the narrative, drip fed,

Stuck in a religious fervour,

The giddy sickness of an insatiable appetite.

For they are full of the same grim nature,

Of life fighting life in order to survive.

It makes me wonder if reincarnation

Is more than another hopeful tasty tale.

It is as if we revisit all the lives we have lived,

In the emotional roller coaster of these fictional fables.

Full of endless and repeating narratives.

The player perpectually experiencing the same grim nature.

Over and over and over again.

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