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5th March 2023

You were an interesting shape,

A shadow leaning on the frame of a musty dark dusky door.

The yeasty smell of freshly cut hops, cannabis and wood smoke lingered heavily in the air.

The provocator, an unholy and lusty perfume fortuitously blessing this meeting, soon to be a reunion.

My mind brewing inventions who you might be. A silent fascination, a drawing towards the magic of your energy.

Even then my future conscious self knew that one day we would be lovers.

Youre deep blue mountain steam eyes, cutting a swathe in the darkness. Seeing without sight.

What fascinates me is that it was such a strong attraction and magnetic pull we both were unable to resist.

The future creating the present, our true soul connection meeting again, like long lost friends.

In the last vestige of the light of a late September evening as bats darted about,

Our smiles locked even though it was too dark to see faces.

Here we are 27 years later, still entangled. Spooky action but not at a distance.

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