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Empty Sockets

Updated: Mar 17

Wednesday 15th March 2023

I didn't like the sensation of the brush against my teeth.

The sounds felt scratchy, jangly and itchy.

The same frustrating way that sounds still

Drive me to formulate and fantasise the murder

of those drawing out the moment.

Strangers on trains chewing gum,

Children popping their mouth,

Lould Inhales, breathy exhales,

teeth clashing against spoons.

Teeth formed inside, already weak.

Teeth formed inside, weak willed.

Precoded for decay.

A nervous system primed, seeking love.

Crying for mental pleasure,

for that ancient animal energy,

sexy sugar, primal gluttonous,

Greedy, great and glamorous glucose.

Dopamine rush, cheeky moorish taste.

Always Sick after, bloody Adhd.

Then sugars cooler older cousin

the mind number, social lubricant,

'Aving it hard and large' with alcohol.

Always Depressed after, bloody ADHD.

From young Sharna to how I am now,

FIllings, root canals, Xrays and novaCaine.

Biting hard, pushing back the injustice,

Grinding the stimulation away!

Like my life, my gums receeding.

Empty sockets...

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