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March 7th 2023

Allowing the freedom of un-adulterated joy and bliss. The ever seemingly central movement of the present.

The pure ecstasy of weaving this body through space and time.

The music flows through the heart and out of the head,

Connecting to the cacophony of chaos,

The silence of the stillness simultaneously together.

The jerky, weird silly walks, all the plausible and possible planes.

Sometimes I see myself from outside.

I think why is my elbow leading me this way and that?

Why is my head, wonky and wobbly, weaving to the floor?

Then the thoughts slide away and the beat takes over.

Shutting eyes, looking occasionally through the slits,

Just to make sure there is no liability in the euphoria.

Worried a the start that I would not find the strength after such a long break.

The spirit it seems does not regard these musings.

The spirit wants to delightfully manifest itself,

Happily in the physical explorations of ecstastic explorations .

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