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Dream Bingeing

Feb 28th 2023

Its untimely when I wake some mornings, as I haven’t quite finished the current episode of my dream saga.

That pesky alarm sounds, alas I couldn’t wake without it. Damn it. It is a rude interruption.

So I slip softly back into that captivating world, where I am binge dreaming. I am lucky for one with my brain type as sleep does not evade me. It calls to me like a captivating mermaid tune. I struggle to stay awake.

I dream in Technicolor rainbows. Epic sagas, strange and complicated, beyond the human world. Themes and places repeat, much like our human stories but they are so much more than our reality could ever be. Deep, many things hidden in their depth.

Like any good streaming service, I am addicted to my dreaming purpose.

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