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Friday 14th April 2023

Two sets of traffic congestion, three lanes wide, unexpected on the M25 during that drive.

My own water congestion became a painful bladder full. Extremely and utterly a cruelling gruel.

Needing to let go,

Not drip drip drip

But falling drops like heavy rainfall.

Pulled over and did a mini wee wee in a my metal coffee cup.

My body squeezing the pressure, the drops snd the tops free.

Then stopping, ashamed in the car.

Thinking how to the other drivers I looked bazaar with my panicked face.

No my best look, absolutely no grace.

I tried to hold it in to the service station,

The stiff upper lip tightness of my nation.

I whined and moaned that the wee might flee.

I had to stop later on the hard shoulder and pee.

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