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Black Hole (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Monday 13th March

Suddenly I am like a boat at sea.

On the edges of the vortex of darkness,

Swirling around and around,

Giddy and delirious,

Heart pounding, blood hastening,

Coursing with pulsating life.

I am not afraid.

I know it, I cannot explain how,

But I know and trust.

Awaiting the other side is adventure,

An other life, an other version.

Delicious variation, delightful fluctuation.

This is the zero point, the black hole.

The voice says “It’s not for you”

“Not now, silly Billy.”

Curious awareness peers fearlessly into the depth,

Bold brave excitement for the enormity of choice.

“You have far too much to do”

“One day dear one, one day”

Expelled then, like than exit from a playground roundabout.

There is a black hole inside of us all.

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