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A Poem Everyday for a Year.

Hello, not entirely sure how successful this is going to be. I mean the process of creating a space in which to share the poetry. The idea began in during my Wim Hoff breath practice. It just popped into my mind whilst I was suspending my breath. I struggle to use my voice out loud but often have much to say. I thought it would be good to challenge myself to a poem a day. A poem can be anything and look any way so its perfect for my ADHD. I started the challenge on Facebook, using the space as accountability. I am migrating it over here.

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Dramatic Eve of Our Last Fire

14th July 2023 Set ablaze the last four logs. Roaring in the pit, On The windy side of the hill, The sky opened and stared to spit. Then it poured, heavily, We had to retreat, Into the warmth and dry,

Francines Fish and Chips

13th July 2023 After asking the lady in the Kelly’s ice cream shop in the teeming tourist harbour of Charleston, The best place to get good fish and chips, The Skies opened and we hid in walled tunnel


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