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Powered by Creativity and ADHD

Hula Hoop Dancer, Wire Wrapper, Reiki Master, Breathwork Coach, Yarn Artist and all around Creative Powerhouse.



I love being in flow, that sublime place where time stands still. The wonderful, magnificent and perfect present moment. Dancing, Creating or Sharing ...that is where I find my joy.  I have always been creative but when the hula hoop came into my life in 2006,  I found a true sense of direction and wonderful community of like minded people. I have been privileged to teach across the globe at some astounding places with some of the best hula hoop dancers in the world. Please click on one of my super powers listed below to find out more about me.


My ADHD can present like a superpower, a force of great creative potential. It can also be my biggest nemesis. Please have a look at the various applications in which my super power manifests. I believe we need to remove the Disorder label from the Diagnosis as it is empowering and life changing to understand more about your Neuro-diversity.

Please see the sub-section ADHD, listed under home on the header at the top of my site. My undiagnosed ADHD was not always a creative force. I know that my experience can help you to make the most of your underlying brain programme, what ever that may be!



We love working with Sharna, and as a result she has been a hugely popular mainstay of our music festival, ‘The Vicar’s Picnic’ for numerous years. Whether teaching the children with her infectious enthusiasm in her wonderful kids hooping workshops, or performing her mesmerising visual artistry amongst the crowd, she gives so much of herself in her performances that it truly makes her stand out from other professional performers we have had over the years. Although Sharna is extremely reliable, hard working and adaptable in working as an independent performer, it is her talent of hooping that shines the brightest! She also happens to be a lovey lady too. We love Sharna!

The Vicar’s Picnic Team



25 Roman Way, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 4SG


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